Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Frost recovery pruning finished

On Monday I finally finished going round all the vines and pruning off all but the best new shoots (after going round the first time and doing this once already since the frost). I wasn't sure where to cut on some of them as some new shoots are coming out of last year's wood, some from the cut base of this years pruned back shoot (i.e. a shoot lateral), and some from the scion itself.

Anyway, I've left the biggest/straighest one in each case and noted the details of three of them. Let's say on the 11th of June (about when I took these measurements) these three vines were as follows (after pruning):

Row 3, Vine 12 - 3" lateral
Row 3, Vine 14 - 1" from scion
Row 4, Vine 3 - 7" from scion

I'll update this later with a couple of ones that are from last year's wood.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment.

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